Olivia Attwood Crys On Loose Women Over Breakup From Chris Hughes As He Wanted The Breakup Filmed For Their Reality Show

They are about to air their own reality show but since filming Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes have decided to end their seven month relatuinship last weekend.

Now Olivia has appeared on Loose Women where she confessed that Chris wanted to film the breakup and air it on their new show named Crackin’ On.

Attwood struggled to hold back the tears on the ITV lunchtime show as she told the Loose Women about how their relationship came to an end as she said that the entire experience ‘horrendous’.

Olivia said:

‘As we are filming the show [for ITVBe], it’s something we haven’t been able to avoid talking about. People are now unfortunately going to see it.

‘Over the weekend Chris made the decision that he wanted to leave the relationship. [It was] a phone call – I didn’t really take it seriously, if I’m honest with you. He’s quite reactive, he’s said it to me before a few times in anger.’

Then talking about his choice to end the relationship she said:

‘I went out the week before and I had a few too many drinks and I sent some stupid tweets – to many people, but one was my ex-boyfriend, which obviously is distasteful and not funny.

‘It’s one of those things, when you’re out with the girls, I thought it was really funny. It’s not funny, and if Chris had done it I’d be annoyed. It really upset him. It obviously upset him to the point where he wanted to end the relationship.’

She then continued:

‘I’ve obviously taken it really hard because I feel like I’ve stood by Chris through all sorts of things that, to me, were a lot harder to swallow than a tweet would be. [Rumours of texts to Katie Price] being one of, for example.’ ‘We’re meant to be a team, I’ve stood by [him] through different things and now I feel a bit abandoned. It [sending the tweets] was a stupid thing to do.’

Shen then confessed:

‘[We were] on the phone for a couple of minutes he said, “I want to break up.'” I was doing something I said, “Chris I’m not doing this now.”

She really did seem heart broken on the show today and we really hope that maybe they can sort somthing out in the future.

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