Day: 19 February 2018

First Look At New Geordie Shore Cast Members

It’s looking like there are going to be a few new faces on Geordie Shore as a leaked photo has showed new male cast members sitting around the table filming along with show regulars Nathan Henry and Sam Growland.

A photo has appeared n Instagram and Twitter of the boys sitting at a table while being filmed by a film crew while filming in Australia.

Waxy’s Irish Pub in Queensland tweeted:

“There’s no better pub in Surfers! @geordieshore #geordieshore #waxys #irishpub #surfersparadise #goldcoast #aus #australia #4217 #werefamous #wereontv”.

We will have to wait and see what the new boys are like.

Are Celebs Go Dating Nadia Essex And Eden Blackman Dating??

They work alongside one and other on Celebs Go Dating trying to find their celebrity clients love but it seems they may have found love with one and other.

It’s been reported for a while now that Eden Blackman has a secret girlfriend but now sources are saying that it might actually be Nadia Essex.

When they were on Loose Women last week Eden revealed that he has been dating a mystery woman for the last two and half years but now this week Eden has been left red faced after it has been reported that eden had cheated on his girlfriend with a Kim Kardashian look alike who appeared on the E4 tv show last year.

Nadia has said that when she found out that Eden had been apparently cheating on his girlfriend she spent ‘days crying’ and since then fans have put two and two together and came up with the idea that they were dating one and other.

Then adding more fuel to the fire on Sunday Nadia tweeted while at Gemma Collins house that she had been ‘crying for days’ as she shared:

“After days of crying there is only two things that can cheer me up. Prosecco and @missgemcollins,”

We wonder if they where dating??

What do you think????

Katie Price Stripps Off Naked In New Instagram Pic As Fans Ask Her To ‘Eat Some Food’

Katie Price Stripps Off Naked In New Instagram Pic As Fans Ask Her To 'Eat Some Food'

Katie Price is no stranger to stripping off for the camera but now she had shared a new photo of herself covered in fake tan and shared it to her fans but they have urged her to ‘put some weight on’.

In the photo Katie is covered from head to toe in fake fan while she had gloves on her hands and covered her boobs but fans just couldn’t help but notice how thing she is.

Some of the comments said that she ‘Looks ill’ and ‘Omg u look tiny !!’

Updated: 19th February 2018 — 9:15 PM

Mike Thalassitis Admits To Sleeping With His Last Date On Celebs Go Dating Despite Dating megan McKenna

He’s a one for the ladies but has he already cheated on ‘the one’?

Mike Thalassitis who is currently appearing on Celebs Go Dating has admitted that he had sex with his last date after they both meet while at a acrobatics class.

Overt the last few days reports have been flying around saying that Mike is dating Megan McKenna and remember back to the new year when Mike shared a photo of him and Megan getting really close to his Instagram page?

Talking to The Sun, Mike said:

‘I slept with one girl, we did trapeze on a date and she’s a contortionist, she’s really bendy’,

‘I got an idea that she was going to give me a bad review after the date so we had a little chat and I ended up going back to her hotel because I knew that I was going to go back to the agents and they’d be like “you didn’t do it right, you had a bad date.”‘

He then continued:

“She only gave you a seven” then I sprung it on them that I slept with her on the same night and I got one up over them again. I thought I’d sleep with more girls.’

We wonder how Megan feels about this??

Ferne McCann Flashes Her Toned Tummy In New Instagram Picture Just Few Months After Giving Birth

She only become a mother at the end of last year but already Ferne McCann as flashed her toned her tummy back to what it use to be life.

Ferne who s a regular to the gym has flashed the flesh and ehr toned belly in a new instagram selfie what she shared over the weeknd.

Ferne who gave birth to baby Sunday in early November said along with the photo:

‘The problem isn’t with your body, it’s with yourself & what you think of it.’

She looks great.

Georgia Toffolo Starts Controversal Treatment To Clear Up Her Acne

She’s suffered from her skin since she was 18 years old but no Georgia Toffolo has started controversial treatment to clear up her acne and it has been filmed for This Morning.

Georgia who is forced to wear foundation all the time to cover her spots and even admitted that it was getting to the point where she wouldn’t leave the house without any makeup on.

The medication called Roaccutane has a series of side affects what has included 20 people taking their own lives from mid-2012 to mid-2014, but no firm evidence had been found.


Talking about the struggles of her spots Georgia said:

‘I get really upset when I talk about my spots because I have struggled so much with it, and because what I do for a living, it has put a magnifying glass on the problem,’

‘The lowest point I have ever had was the day before I was meant to be going into the jungle. So I was already in Australia ready to go and my skin was so bad.

‘Obviously you’re not allowed to take foundation in and I cried a lot. I came to the decision that I just couldn’t face being on the television being so exposed without my foundation.

Lets hope they continue to make her skin better.