Georgia Toffolo Starts Controversal Treatment To Clear Up Her Acne

She’s suffered from her skin since she was 18 years old but no Georgia Toffolo has started controversial treatment to clear up her acne and it has been filmed for This Morning.

Georgia who is forced to wear foundation all the time to cover her spots and even admitted that it was getting to the point where she wouldn’t leave the house without any makeup on.

The medication called Roaccutane has a series of side affects what has included 20 people taking their own lives from mid-2012 to mid-2014, but no firm evidence had been found.


Talking about the struggles of her spots Georgia said:

‘I get really upset when I talk about my spots because I have struggled so much with it, and because what I do for a living, it has put a magnifying glass on the problem,’

‘The lowest point I have ever had was the day before I was meant to be going into the jungle. So I was already in Australia ready to go and my skin was so bad.

‘Obviously you’re not allowed to take foundation in and I cried a lot. I came to the decision that I just couldn’t face being on the television being so exposed without my foundation.

Lets hope they continue to make her skin better.

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