Caroline Flack ‘Dating Celebrity Big Brother Star Andrew Brady’

Wow when did this happen?

It’s looking like there might be another celebrity relationship as it’s been said that Caroline Flack is ‘dating’ The Apprentice star and Celebrity Big Brother housemate Andrew Brady.

Andrew who’s only been out of the CBB house for a couple of weeks has seemed to have been getting very close to Caroline since she saw him on the reality show.

A source has said to Daily Mail newspaper:

“I know they’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks with numerous dates. They hadn’t met before Big Brother.

“I know they both went on a date to the same park in London, and both watched the same movie at the cinema on Monday night. It seems they are taking it slow at the moment.”

Friends of Caroline have said that Andrew is not her usal type but the pair are seeing how things go.

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