Just Why Didnt Liam Payne And Rita Ora Do Sexy Performance At Brit Awards?

They both performed together at the Brit Awards on Wednesday and fans just couldn’t beleive how un-sexy their performance was.

Normally when Rita Ora and Liam Payne take to the stage they performances is really sexy and during a previous performances they really kissed but fans just couldn’t help but notice how not sexy it was on Wednesday night.

Now fans have pointed out that they believe it was because Liam’s girlfriend Cheryl was sitting in the audience.

One person shared:

“Did that performance between Rita Ora and Liam Payne look mega awkward?  it’s as if Cheryl told him not to go near her  #BRITs2018 #BRITS.”

While another said:

“Rita and Liam had zero connection on stage between each other. Also that hug was ridiculously awkward lol. #BRITs.”

What do you think??

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