Day: February 26, 2018

Blac Chyna Speaks About Her Sex Tape!

She’s spoke!

With a video of what looks like Blac Chyna being involved in a sex tape what was released last week it’s not caused her to speak out.

The video was floating around on Twitter and then an even longer version was published to mate the matter worse and we have questions like who published it for the world to see.

Now Chyna has said that she doesn’t know who leaked the tape.

She said to TMZ:

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

Then she was aksed if there is going to be any mor tapes to come out and she replied:

“Ha, I doubt it.”


Mark Wright Continues To Like Sexy Photos On Instagram After He Liked Rita Ora’s Bottom Photo Despite Being Married

Last week we told you about how Mark Wright had been liking Rita Ora’s sexy bottom photo on Instagram despite being married to Michelle Keegan but now he has been at it again.

Mark has been liking pro wrestler Brie Bella’s shot of her wearing sexy underwear laying down on a bed and people are shocked that he has been at it again despite the backlash he received last week.

Have a look at the snap he liked below.


Mark Wright Continues To Like Sexy Photos On Instagram After He Liked Rita Ora's Bottom Photo Despite Being Married

Katie Price Admits She’s Had More ‘Boxtox Than Hot Dinners’ During This Morning Chat With Georgia Toffolo

She’s no stranger to admitting that she has had many cosmetic procedures but no Katie Price has said that she has had more botox ‘than hot dinners’ during a conversation filmed for This Morning with Georgia Toffolo.

Georgia was interviewing Katie backstage at Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway when she asked Katie “Who would be the best spy out of you lot? while Judy Murray, Christopher Biggins and Alan Shearer where in the background to what Katie said:

 “I’ve had more Botox than hot dinners, my face doesn’t say anything.”


Emma Chambers Had Series Of Health Problems Including Series Reactions To Animals

With the very sad news coming out on Saturday that Vicar Of Dibley actress Emma Chambers had passed away it’s now been revealed that she had been suffering from a whole lot of health problems.

Emma battled with serious reactions what lead to the threat of terrifying asthma attacks, steroid injections and trips to the hospital never far from her mind.

During a interview what she did back in 2002 with the Telegraph Emma talked about her health battles and she confessed that she could never touch a animal due to the reactions she would get.

She said:

“I had to dash up to wardrobe, I had to leave. I was itching, wheezy. My voice was husky the next day – from being in here for a few minutes – and I looked horrendous.

“So the poor cat had to go – it was either the actress or the cat. What a diva I am!” she said at the time.


Is Spongebob Squarepants Ending??

Over the weekend rumors have resurace that Spongbob Squarepants is ending on the 1st of March but is there any truth to these reports?

On Twitter what looks like a  official, verified SpongeBob SquarePants Twitter has been saying that the show is coming to an end and they where ‘grateful for all the fans’.

Seeing that the tweet had been oing around the itnernet the makers of Spongbob decided to take to Instagram and say:

❗Breaking News ❗March 1st is nothing but the first day of March. SpongeBob is NOT being cancelled. Season 12 is coming your way in 2019🍍#SpongeBobForever

This si the second time that rumors like this have been shared online after a similar hoax came out in 2016.

Olivia Attwood Confirms Ex Chris Hughes Did Send Flirty Texts To Katie Price

Just two months into their relationship news went viral that Chris Hughes from Love Island had been messaging Katie Price to what he and his girlfriend Olivia Attwood denied but now that they are over all the truth is coming out.

Olivia has confessed that Chris did in fact sent Katie the messages.

During a recent interview Olivia has confessed that she was left reeling after she found that he had sent 52 messages over Snapchat to Katie and some f them where very flirty indeed.

Talking to OK Magazine Olivia said:

‘I chose to stand by him at that time. I had known him for two months, how am I to know what he was doing?’

‘All I know is that whether he did or he didn’t, he didn’t sleep with her, it was just a couple of messages.’

Continuing to talk Attwood confessed that she felt betrayed after she found that he had been messaging the Loose Women presenter what inly happened two months into their relationship.

Olivia said:

‘Yes, I do feel like I stood by him through a lot of things which weren’t great and that I probably shouldn’t have let slide, but I did. When I have slipped up and done something a bit stupid he’s jumped on it and like: ‘It’s unacceptable’.

‘So I was angry about that. To have him post on Instagram straight away: ‘Everybody let’s you down’. I was like are you having a laugh? Have you been here for the past six months?’

It must have been awful for her to have to tell a lie to her fans that he hadn’t been messaging Katie when really she knew the truth.