Day: February 27, 2018

Olivia Attwood Talks About Her Heartache Over Splitting From Boyfriend Chris Hughes

They meet on Love Island and where together for seven months but it seems that they just couldn’t save their relationship.

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes have ended their relationship after Chris caught Olivia texting her ex boyfriend but now she has been opening up about her breakup and she has admitted she is heartbroken.

The blonde has said to New Magazine that she feels she has lost her ‘partner in crime’.

Talking about single life now Olivia has said:

‘I have no intention of rushing into another relationship. If [Chris] was here with me today, I wouldn’t necessarily speak as freely because I’d be thinking I don’t want to annoy him, so it’s quite refreshing.

‘I do feel like I’ve lost my partner in crime a little bit. Then there’s Cash…we’re going to have to fight for custody of him!’.

Then talking about the breakup she confesse that it only lasted two minuits as she continued to say:

“The night before filming he texted me saying “we’re actually going to film this break-up”. I was like “I’m absolutely not doing it”.

It must be so awful for them both.

Lets hope one day they might seen eye to eye and get back together.

Hugh Roast Dinners, Massive Kitchen And Kids Toys A Rare Glimpse Into Holly Willoughby’s £3 Million Pound Home

Holly Willoughby is a massive Instagram user with a whopping £3.4 million followers and she’s shared over 1,050 pictures with her daily outfit posts Holly shares a lot about herself on the photo sharing website but one thing what we rarely get to see is inside her beautiful £3 million pound London home.

Now looking back though ehr profile at a handful of photos you can see what style Holly has her home as it seems she is a big fan of designer crockery, massive roast dinners and childrens toys all over the house.

Holly’s home what she shares with her husband Dan Baldwin, and three children Harry, eight, Belle, six, and Chester, three is covered in Emma Bridgewater’s work what includes photos on the walls and mugs what cost £56.

It was in November of last year when Holly shared a photo of more of Emma’s work as she had purchased some Christmas collection bowls and plates and of course a home wouldn’t be a home without something to drink.

Holly has shared a photo of some bottles of alcoholic Mojitos drinks.

Her home sure does look stunning.

Have a look at the photos above.

Olivia Attwood Admits She No Longer Talks To Kem Cetinay Beucase He’s Got ‘An Ego’

Olivia Attwood Admits She No Longer Talks To  Kem Cetinay Beucase He's Got ‘An Ego’

They spent two months together and struck up such a good friendship but now that friendship is down the drain.

Olivia Atwood has admitted that she no longer is on talking terms with Kem Cetinay because she feels that he has a ‘ego’.

Olivia who was dating Kem’s best friend Chris Hughes and then split from him after she was caught texting her ex boyfriend.

When she was asked if she still spoke to Kem she said to Head Magazine:

“No. I always liked him, but this industry does something weird to men that it doesn’t do to women.

“The ego that comes with it, I just can’t…”

Such a shame.

Perrie Edwards Footballer Boyfriend Shares Cute Loved Up Photo But Say’s Something Naughty

Liverpool player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has shared a super lovely photo of him with his girlfriend Perrie Edwards but instead of just sharing the photo he had to say something naughty too.

Alex shared the photo of them both at dinner and along with the photo he said:

“Dinner with Dessert,”

Referring to his other half as opposed to the food.

Fans started to comment and laugh at the photo he’s just so naughty.

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Burst Out In Tears On This Morning Over Father Having To Tell His Son His Mum Had Died

It was very emotional on This Morning on Tuesday afternoon as Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield where interviewing Sky presenter Simon who had to tell his son that his mum had passed away from blood cancer and passed just three days after she was diagnosed.

Holly started to cry and Phillip helped his co-presenter as she was breaking down in tears causing him to well up too.

Phillip passed Holly a tissue as Simon was speaking on Tuesday morning.

So sad.

Chris Hughes Hits Out At Ex Olivia Attwood Over She Admitting He Was Texting Katie Price

At the end of last summer rumors hit the headlines that Chris Hughes had been sending flirty text messages to Katie Price despite him being in a relationship with Olivia Attwood who he meet and fell in love with on Love Island.

Then on Monday now that they have split Olivia confirmed that Chris had been texting Katie dispute them both saying that he never texted her.

Now Chris has hit out at Olivia’s claims and he docent seem happy at all.

Chris has said on Tuesday:

“You know it actually does shock/upset me how much s*** people can speak in this industry. It’s actually just vile.”