Olivia Attwood Talks About Her Heartache Over Splitting From Boyfriend Chris Hughes

They meet on Love Island and where together for seven months but it seems that they just couldn’t save their relationship.

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes have ended their relationship after Chris caught Olivia texting her ex boyfriend but now she has been opening up about her breakup and she has admitted she is heartbroken.

The blonde has said to New Magazine that she feels she has lost her ‘partner in crime’.

Talking about single life now Olivia has said:

‘I have no intention of rushing into another relationship. If [Chris] was here with me today, I wouldn’t necessarily speak as freely because I’d be thinking I don’t want to annoy him, so it’s quite refreshing.

‘I do feel like I’ve lost my partner in crime a little bit. Then there’s Cash…we’re going to have to fight for custody of him!’.

Then talking about the breakup she confesse that it only lasted two minuits as she continued to say:

“The night before filming he texted me saying “we’re actually going to film this break-up”. I was like “I’m absolutely not doing it”.

It must be so awful for them both.

Lets hope one day they might seen eye to eye and get back together.

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