Stephen Bear Denies Taking Drugs As Fans Spot Some White Powder In New Instagrma Video

Stephen Bear has been forced to deny that he has been taking drugs after some white powder was spotted in his latest Instagram video where his mother featured in.

Putting the record straight the ‘white powder’ was actually his headphones.

Bear captioned the video:

“So I’m trying my best making a movie and I’m getting accused of taking drugs last night…It’s a liberty. My poor mum aswel…” (sic)

Then speaking to the camera with his mother Linda he continued to say:

“I’ve just come in from work and I’ve been pulled in because apparently there’s some powder on a table.

“It’s just my coffee table with stuff on it…I’m just really angry and upset about this.”

Then Linda tunred to Bear and said:

 “What is it supposed to be?”

He responded:

“You tell them mum.”

She then said:

 “He’s supposed to be in the house and has stuff…has cocaine on the table. It’s not right.”


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