Olivia Attwood Hits Out At Chris Hughes As She Tells Him He’s Been ‘Shady As F***’

Olivia Attwood Hits Out At Chris Hughes As She Tells Him He's Been 'Shady As F***'

Their new reality show is looking like it’s going to be a great but now scenes have shown the moment Olivia Attwood confronted her boyfriend Chris Hughes over him being ‘shady’.

In the first episode of the show it shows Olivia confront Chris over rumores what had been flying around saying that he had been flirting with other girls.

Viewers will see the last few months of their relationship before they announced in February that they are over.

Chris started off by saying:

‘If I went to a house party with a load of birds there and I stayed the night, I think you’d be absolutely livid.’

To what Olivia replied back:

‘No boys stayed.’

To what Chris repleid:

‘It doesn’t matter, you would be livid. It’s double standards. Self-respect, it’s f***ing self-respect.’

Olivia then flew at Chris and said:

‘Double standards? Is that where you want to go? Since we left the villa you have been shady as f***. I’ve been pulling you up in private, I haven’t put it to anyone else, it’s been behind closed doors.

We have to say we can see this show being full of headlines and we are so lookong forward to tuning in.

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