Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Wants To Do More Reality TV

With her new reality show airing on Wednesday what shows her daily life after Love Island with boyfriend (at the time) Chris Hughes.

Now Olivia has been talking about how she would like to do more reality TV.

Attwood said:

wouldn’t rule out more reality TV, I feel very at home there,” “I possibly would rule out dating someone from the industry. I think I’d rather date someone from a more normal background.”

She then continued:

“The biggest downside of having a relationship in the public eye is that in a normal relationship it’s bad enough having your mum, your dad, your cousin giving their opinion on your partner, but try having the whole country give an opinion!

“It almost gets like too many cooks in the kitchen, it’s very hard to block out the white noise and focus on you and your partner. Focusing on just you as a couple is very hard.”

“It is very tiring and does take a toll,”

We have to say she does make good TV.

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