Sue Johnston Has To Hold Back The Tears As She Talks About Caroline Aherne’s Death

Today on Loose Women Sue Johnston appeared on the show to talk about an upcoming film she is starring in when she was asked about the death of her The Royle Family co-star Caroline Aherne and that’s when she struggled to hold back the tears.

It was in July of 2016 when Caroline passed away due to lung cancer and Sue admitted that she still hasn’t taken Caroline’s number out of her phone because she doesn’t have the courage to take it out of her phonebook.

Sue said:

“I’ve not been able to watch any [Royle Family] and I can’t do delete,” the star said before starting to well up.

“She was groundbreaking and also so generous with the cast and crew.”

“She was taken too young and she was one of the most generous, kind [women], and we all know how funny,”

Sue then said that she is meeting with The Royle Family cast later on this year ad this is the first time since Caroline passed away.

“We’re all going to have a little reunion,” “They’re getting us all together.

“I’ve seen people individually but it’s going to be hard. If you don’t see people regularly, you don’t miss them continuously.
“But then suddenly you get a realisation that she’s gone.”

It’s still unbelievable that she has passed away.

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