Woman Who Spend £15,000 On New Bottom Worries It Will Explode As She Speaks On This Morning


A woman is worried that her £15,000 new bottom implants are going to explode and it’s caused her to speak help with her anxiety they have caused her.

Star Delguidice from Birmingham, had her new bottom operation in Turkey in December and has not been able to sit on it without having a large pillow under her and whens he appeared on ITV’s This Morning on Friday she had to do the interstand up.

Star has spent a whopping  £230,000 in total on having lots of different procedures including lip fillers, boob jobs, jawline operations and plenty more.

Talking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford Star said:

‘I really didn’t realise what it would be like. It has caused me great anxiety,’

 ‘I am having therapy, because I have post traumatic stress through the surgery.’

At the start of the interview she said that she was not going to have any more surgery but then at the end she said that she will be having procedures to tweak parts of her body.

Ruth asked her if she would stop going under the knife and she said:

‘Well I can’t say that… I need my boobs redoing and my face tightening.’