Stephen Bear Says Ex Charlotte Crosby Owes Him Money

Stephen Bear Says Ex Charlotte Crosby Owes Him Money

They were dating for a number of months last year and now Stephen Bear has shared a public video to his 1.5 million Instagram followers saying that his ex girlfriend Charlotte Crosby owes him near £19,000 in business that they set up when they were together.

The video what was shared on Snapchat and then to a more public audience on Instagram Bear says:

“Monday Rant” “I’m owed a lot of money by three different people.

“The first is Rustlers: where’s my £3,000 you owe me? It’s been five months. Second one, Good For Nothing – you owe me £16,000! My contract isn’t finished til April.

“The third one is for you Charlotte – listen. Reply back to the e-mails. I haven’t received 1p from the business which I started with MY money.

“Tell your dad to reply to the f***ing e-mails, do you understand?

“Make sure it gets back to him, because what’s going on at the minute, is b*****ks and it’s embarrassing, do you understand? Because I’ve had enough now.”

A source ha snow said that Charlotte was so desperate to breakup with Bear she was willing to walk away from the His and Hers clothing brand.

Charlotte set up the clothing brand with Bear in January 2017 and it was very successful and often saw the pair posing together in their jumpers.

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