Day: March 14, 2018

This Morning Play ‘All About That Base’ Song During Tribute To Sir Stephen Hawkins

This Morning have been slammed after they played Meghan Trainor song All About That Base during their tribute to Stephen Hawkins who sadly passed away this week.

Viewers just couldn’t believe their ears after they heard the music what was played at the start of the clips at the end of today’s show but was soon stopped after the producers of the show found out that the music was playing by accident..

It purely was a mistake.

Marine Simpson Confirms She Has Left Geordie Shore After FIVE Years

She’s been on the show for five years but now Marnie Simpson has decided that it is time to leave the popular reality show Geordie Shore.

On Tuesday night it was the last episode of the series and tweeting on Wednesday morning she said that it had been a ‘wild five years’.

She said:

‘For everyone keep asking I have in fact permanently left Geordie shore, it was just time to move on, it just wasn’t the same without everyone who left and I made the decision to leave, it was a wild 5 years and I’m really thankful I got to do it!’

Marine has been though may ups and downs on the show and we have to say we dont think will be the same without her.

EastEnders’ June Brown Talks About ‘Getting High’ On Marijuana On 100 Years Younger

June Brown is no stranger to smoking cigarettes but now the actress has admitted that she has taken marijuana and confessed that it helped her with lots of medical problems.

June who plays Dot Cotton on the long running soap confessed that she had smoken the drug to Shaun Ryder on 100 Years Younger.

She said:

“I tried marijuana,””It had the most incredible effect on me. I didn’t like the sound of Indian music, that jingle jangle.

“But I could hear every note of every instrument. And I felt incredibly serene. Never got addicted to it, though. The only thing I’m addicted to is cigarettes.”

Viewers loved tonights episode and just couldnt beleive that Dot Cotton had been smoking weed.

Zayn Malik Unfollowers Gigi Hadid Straight After Breakup News Breaks!

Zayn Malik has unfollowed his girlfriend Gigi Hadid within minutes of the news breaking that that they had split he had gone onto her Instagram account and hit the unfollow button so he no longer has her photos appearing on his instagram app.

Not only has Zayn unfollowed Gigi he has also unfollowed her mother Yolanda Hadid too.

So sad.

Zayn Malik Unfollowers Gigi Hadid Straight After Breakup News Breaks!

James Argent Spotted Leaving Gemma Collins House In His Pyjamas

It was only just over a week ago that Gemma Collins shared a photo of James Argent topless in her house after he stayed overnight but now it seems he might be spending a little more time with the blonde.

James has been spotted leaving Gemma’s house in his pyjamas looking like he had just gotten up after he stayed for another night at Gemma’s Essex home.

All we want to know is if they are dating or not but by the looks of things they look more than just ‘good friends’.

Andrew Brady Shares Loved Up Photo With Caroline Flack On Instagram Despite Cheating Rumors

It was only over the weekend that photos appeared online of Caroline Flack and Andrew Brady having a heated row outside of a restaurant after reports started flying around saying that he had been cheating on Caroline just after a few weeks of dating.

Now Andrew has shared a super cute photo to his instagram account of him and caroline looking very much loved up as they sit on a sofa and have their heads together.

Such a cute photo.

Have a look at it above.