Calum Best Wants To Return To Love Island After Winning Show in 2006 With Bianca Gascoigne

Calum Best Admits He Has To Do Reality TV To Pay The Bills

He was first on Love Island when it first started back in 2006 as he won the show with Bianca Gascoigne but now Calum Best has admitted that he wants to return to the popular reality show.

Calum has been talking about his time on the show twelve years ago and said that he would make a return ‘in a heartbeat’.

During a chat with The Sun the television personality described being on the show as ‘the dream’.

He said on Thursday:

‘I remember I went to Fiji – now they do it in Spain – for me it was in Fiji. It was an island you had to take a boat and they built this house. It was the f*****g time of my life. Six weeks I spent on this island in Fiji. Fed us. Gave us booze. Hot chicks.’

He so should be in this years series he would be great.

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