Meghan Trainor Dragged Boyfriend To Jewellers To Buy Her A Engagement Ring

Meghan Trainor has confessed that she had to drag her boyfriend to a jewelry shop to buy her an engagement ring without him doing it on his own accord.

The singer has said that she actually had to physically dragged her fiance to the shop to buy the ring because she wasn’t having it any more and she just wanted to be engaged.

Meghan who’s dating Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara for the last few months said:

“I’m very impatient,”

“I wanted to lock him down so it was impossible for him to leave me.”

She continued to say to The Mirror:

“One day I was writing love songs and I looked up jewellery stores in Nashville,”

“I decided I was going to go and he was coming with me. He said we had to leave our wallets in the car. But you know when you want something, and you’re not going to stop until you get it? I wanted this. And I got it.”

Then the All About That Bass singer said that she wasn’t allowed to wear the ring until he proposed:

“I never wore it and we had it in a safe until we were engaged,”“He took his sweet time before he proposed.”

They make such a good couple.

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