Real Reason Why Katie Price Has Not Been On Loose Women Revealed

Katie Price Hits Out At Holly Willoughby After Weightloss As She Tells Her To 'Eat Cake'

If you’re a regular viewer to Loose Women then you would have noticed that Katie Price has not been on the show for a while now but the reason behind it has been revealed.

Until now.

Apparently a close ITV sources has said that the other Loose Women are fed u with her being such a ‘diva’ on the show ITv have apparently decided not to ask her on lately.

Katie has also had a lot going on in her life as she had to have surgery to fix a botched face lift what went horribly wrong.

Also the source said that she would leave the drivers what take her from her Sussex home to the ITV studios in London waiting for ages and making them late.

Katie has admitted before to being late as during one show in 2015 she was so late that the show had already started without her and she had to walk out live and take her seat.


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