Day: March 26, 2018

TOWIE In Fake Rumors As Clelia Theodorou Doesn’t Press Call Button During Phone Conversation With Amber Turner

TOWIE hs caused more fake rumros as Clelia Theodorou was on the phone to Amber Turner during one sceen on Sunday night but she forgot to hit the call button as her phone screen was shown.

Twitter erupted with commnets and fans just coulnt stop laughting over the sceen’s as they have said that the phone conversation was staged.

One person said:

‘Someone tell Clelia to actually press the dial button-it’s the green one that shows the phone signal,’

While another quipped:

‘Clelia hun you need to press the green button to start the call’.


Ant McPartlin To Feature On Saturday Night Takeaway This Weekend As ITV Will Air Pre Recorded Scenes

Ant McPartlin will feature on this Saturday episode of Saturday Night Takeaway.

ITV have said that they are going to air pre-recorded scenes what where filmed before Ant checked himself into rehab after being arrested and charged with drinking under the influence.

A insider of the show has said to The Sun:

 “There’s been some discussion about whether the whole of the series should be ditched because Ant features heavily.

“But after a lot of soul searching it was decided that the final two episodes should run because viewers have loved the series and want to find out the conclusion in the final two episodes.
“Obviously it means Ant will still be on the show in some form.

Then the insider continued to talk about how they are going to talk about Ant on the show:

“At the moment talks are taking place about exactly how his situation in regards to the drink driving charge and rehab will be addressed.”

The production company are having conversations about how to address the charge Saturday night.

Chyna Ellis Admits Ibiza Weekender Is Moving To Diffrent Party Hotspot

Chyna Ellis has confessed that Ibiza Weekender is moving to another party hotspot.

The blonde beauty who featured on the lastiest series of the show confessed to The Sun that she had heard a rumor it’s going to be flmed in another party desternation.

The show has been filmed in Ibiza and Magaluf but now there might be a third.

Talking to The Sun she said:

 “I’ve heard rumours it’s not going to be in Ibiza any more. I don’t know where it would be yet but it’ll be a party place definitely.

“I would definitely go back and do it but if I went back I’d have to really get my A-game and be a really good rep. I’d probably p**s off a few people if I did go back.

She continued:

“I’ve spoken to them about it and told them I want to go back. There has been very brief discussions but with the type of show they don’t say much at all.”


Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell Shows Off his Love For New Gilfriend Danielle Zarb-Cousin On Their Malvdies Holiday

Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell Shows Off his Love For New Gilfriend Danielle Zarb-Cousin On Their Malvdies Holiday

They have only been dating a month but it seems Jonny Mitchell and Danielle Zarb-Cousin are seriously loved up.

The Love Island star has been sharing a number of photos from his holiday with the brunette and they are all over each other.

In a photo shared on Monday it shows Jonny laying on a sun lounger and Danielle on top of him giving a cheeky kiss.

They are smitten.

Chris Hughes And Katie price Spotted Hugging Feud Out!

It seems the Chris Hughes and Katie Price drama might all be over as over the weekend Katie was spotted hugging Chris looking like they had made up over the feud they had going on.

The pair where at a football match in Cheltenham, where Chris was playing Sellebrity Soccer, and Katie was there with her children.

Katie and Chris where then spotted cuddling the row out and putting in behind them.

So glad that’s over.

Phillip Schofield Left Shocked Over Woman With HUGH Boobs As He Ask’s ‘How Big Are Yours?’

He never fails to make us laugh.

Phillip Schofield has had a shock today on This Morning after he was faced (excuse the pun) with three woman with super sized boobs.

Phillip was sitting in the studio next to his co-presenter Holly Willoughby while they had two women in the studio with huge boobs and a woman on video link from America with even bigger boobs.

The three woman talked about how they love their boobs and would like them even bigger that they already are.

The girls have boobs size 34M and 34OO after the use of “expanders” to make them bigger what allows saline to be pumped into the boob without the use of surgery.

Dolly talked about her boobs saying:

“I was never happy because they were small – they were a C cup.

“I just love big breasts and I think I am more obsessed than guys can be and I love the attention they can get.”

Mary just simply said:

 “I love big boobs.”

Presenter Holly then said:

“I’m very aware to not look down.”

To what Phillip replied:

“How do you think I feel?”

Starting off the interview with Lily who was on the skype call he Schofield said:

“Good gracious!

“How big are yours?”

Lily who’s a midwife has size 340cc she said that doesn’t wear a bra and never gets back pain from her huge boobs.

she said:

“Once you get to know me, you don’t see them as much – you see past them,”

“I have never had a goal in mind.

“I just like the look and I like them bigger – I still haven’t found the level I’m happy with.”

We would loved to have seen Phillip’s reactions when they walked out the door.