Chyna Ellis Admits Ibiza Weekender Is Moving To Diffrent Party Hotspot

Chyna Ellis has confessed that Ibiza Weekender is moving to another party hotspot.

The blonde beauty who featured on the lastiest series of the show confessed to The Sun that she had heard a rumor it’s going to be flmed in another party desternation.

The show has been filmed in Ibiza and Magaluf but now there might be a third.

Talking to The Sun she said:

 “I’ve heard rumours it’s not going to be in Ibiza any more. I don’t know where it would be yet but it’ll be a party place definitely.

“I would definitely go back and do it but if I went back I’d have to really get my A-game and be a really good rep. I’d probably p**s off a few people if I did go back.

She continued:

“I’ve spoken to them about it and told them I want to go back. There has been very brief discussions but with the type of show they don’t say much at all.”


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