Good Morning Britain Viewers Notice Bottle Of Nail Varnish On Set

Good Morning Britain viewers have been left laughing on Tuesday morning after they noticed something on the set.

Viewers noticed that host of the show Susanna Reid had a bottle of nail varnish in the background behind where she sits.

Susanna was hosting the show alongside Richard Madeley when viewers noticed the bottle causing confusion that she tops her nail varnish up in the add break.

The nail polish was spotted in the background while she and Richard interviewed a former M15 officer.

One person wrote:

“just being inquisitive why is there a brown nail varnish next to the MI5 spy ?”

While another said:

Has Susannah been painting her nails before going on air…can see the bottle while they are interviewing ex MI5 officer?

Viewers just couldn’t make out why the bottle was by her side.

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