Day: March 28, 2018

Holly Willoughby Worries She Will Wet Herself While On The Wobble Board On Clebrity Juice

Holly Willoughby Worries She Will Wet Herself While On The Wobble Board On Clebrity Juice

Bless her.

Holly Willoughby had had lots of fun on Celebrity Juice when she got into a wobble board and she was worried that she might wet herself as it was wobberling her at a fast speed.

The presenter was left worried that her bladder was going to leak while she was on the board placed on stage for the easter special of the show what is going to air on Thursday.

Getting on the bord Holly said:

‘My only slight issue is I need to go for a wee, so this is going to be interesting.’

Holly’s face was a picture when she was being wobbled.

So funny.

Caroline Flack Hits Out At Dr Who Gave Relationship Advice Just Days After Splitting From Andrew Brady

Caroline Flack is not happy at all.

The TV presenter has hit out at a DR who has gave he relationship advice written in a tablod and she really is not happy.

This comes after she split from her boyfriend of a couple months Andrew Brady.

Writing in the Daily Star Dr Pam suggested Caroline needed to leave the younger men alone and find a suitor closer to her own age.

Seeing the artilce she wrote Carolien tweeted:

“Thanks for the advice Dr Pam, what would you suggest as my treatment? A course of anti women pills, and a shot of mind your own f***king business?”


Dominic Littlewood’s Little Todger Falls Out During The Live Full Monty

Tonight kicked of two nights of entertainment of The Full Monty Live and it didn’t go well at all really as Dominic Littlewood’s little todger was in full view after he failed to cover it up.

The TV presenter was sitting in the audience when he stood up but the little hat what he had covering his private parts fell and he was fully naked on screen for all to see.

One Twitter user shared:

“Saw a glimpse of Dom Littlewood’s little wood there.  #TheRealFullMonty xx”

While another said:

“Did I just really see Dom Littlewood’s d**k on tv ? #TheRealFullMonty”

So funny.

Richard Madeley Slammed By Good Morning Britain Viewers Over His Comments About Weather Girls Lucy Verasamy’s Dress

He’s been standing In for Piers Morgan this week hosting Good Morning Britain but it h sent come with controversy for Richard Madeley.

Richard has been slammed online after he made comments about weather girls Lucy Varasamy’s dress.

The presenter was branded ‘creepy’ by the viewers after he said Lucy should ‘test’ the dress in the rain to see if it shrinks.

Charlotte Crosby Talks About Boyfriend Joshua Ritchie’s TEN INCH manhood During Interview

Charlotte Crosby is not a one to shy away from talking the truth but now she has gone into details about her boyfrined Joshua Ritchie’s ten inch penis.

The former Geordie Shore star compaired his penis to a “baton” as she said:

“I’ll tell you a secret – he has got the biggest d***.

“No word of a lie, this microphone is ten inches long. It’s thick and it’s long. It’s almost like a baton.

“It’s so bad because I don’t stop telling people about it. Pretty bad isn’t it?”


Caroline Flack Talks About Why She Ended Her Realtionship With Andrew Brady

On Tuesday we told you that Andrew Brady and Caroline Flack where no more after she decided to break off her brief relationship.

Caroline said that the ‘trust had gone’ after a girl claimed that she kissed Andrew while on a night out.

Caroline also said to The Sun that she believes Andrew may have used her just to let his ;face all over the internet’.

Such a shame.