Phillip Schofield Shocks Celebrity Juice Viewers By Saying ‘I’m A Cheating C**t’

Phillip Schofield has shocked Celebrity Juice viewers after he dropped the c-word.

It was the Easter special of the show when he decided to use the naughty word after he was shown clips of him on the show in previous episodes where he apparently cheated at some of htr games.

Phillip then took the moment to apologize for his cheating when he said down the camera:

 “I would like to apologise for the numerous occasions where, quite obviously, we have got video evidence of.

“I will maintain that on one of them someone was off-balance, on another I was helping a friend, and on the third one I was a cheating c**t.”

The audience members went crazy when he said that word and then ‘Schofe said the ‘C’ word!!’ flashed up on the bottom of the screen.

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