This Morning Meet A Man Who Claims Painkillers Turned Him Gay

On This Morning on Wednesday they aired one of the most bizarre interviews they have ever shown as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby interviewed a man who claims painkillers turned him gay.

Scott Purdy was involved in a car accident and claimed that before the crash he was a “hot blooded” heterosexual and had a girlfriend but had to take painkillers to deal with the pain from the crash and since taking them he now likes men.

Scott admitted that he experamented with his seuality in his teens but he confessed that being gay “wasn’t for him”.

Talking on This Morning he said:

“My girlfriend knew I was taking this medication. I didn’t say anything at first, but I started giving her less attention. All I craved and wanted was male attention.

“I stopped medication, just in case. As soon as that happened, my sexual attraction towards my ex went back up. But then pain started building up in my foot, and I started taking painkillers again.”

Dr Ranj Singh was sitting next to Scott and Phillip asked him if someone could turn gay after taig painkillers and Ranj said “no”.

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