Chris Hughes Named A Liar After New Audio Reveals He DID Date Georgia May Foote

New audio footage has been released of Chris Hughes admitting that he did date Georgia May Foote dispute both parties denying it.

The Sun have released audio of bot Chris and Georgia admitting to dating one and other and have now taken to their social networking sites to backtrack on what they said.

When the story origany broke Chris took to his Instagram and said:

‘Woah this isn’t true. Been twisted to s**t..

‘I actually said in that press that I’m not dating her and that I’m very much single, hence why I choose to talk about that and clarify it. Boarder line, not okay.’

Then the tweets were deleted.

But in the relesed audio footage from The Sun it started off with Chris being asked:

‘So did Georgia May Foote and you have a thing?’

‘Yeah. We’ve met up a couple of times. You know what, she is absolutely stunning.

‘She is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is one of the nicest girls I’ve met genuinely. Obviously she lives up north and I live down south.

He continued:

‘Even though you may not think it is a difficult situation, you rarely see each other. But I’ve taken her to the farm. She’s seen the horses, she’s seen the cows.

‘And yeah, we’ve been on a few dates. So yeah.’

Seeing all the drama Georgia decided to take to her Twitter as she shared:

‘I am choosing not to date anyone at the moment,’ adding that the stories were ‘cr*p.’

‘I am not chasing any form of relationship with him or anyone. There are bigger more important things happening in the world right now. Use your platform to help people rather than hinder.’


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