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The Real Housewives of Cheshire Leanne Brown Admits She Doesn’t Miss The Show

The Real Housewives of Cheshire Leanne Brown Admits She Doesn't Miss The Show

The latest series of has just came to an end but thought the series Leanne Brown was missing from the whole series as she decided to leave the show.

Now Leanne has been talkin about how she doesn’t miss being on the very popular show and admits there was ‘too much drama’.

Leanne had her fair share of drama on the show as her ongoing feud with Dawn Ward went on thought out the last series of the show after Leanne lent Dawn money.

Talking to the MailOnline the blonde beauty said:

‘I have felt so much better in myself, since I’ve left. It wasn’t nice, the drama was too much for me, I needed to focus on doing more charity work.

‘People say about the small stuff, like drama on the show, it’s irrelevant of what really goes on in the big picture. It’s about wasting your energy on things that actually really do matter in life…that’s what this campaign is about as well and I’m so happy to be involved in it.’

Then talking about if she missed being on the show she continued to say:

‘I’d have to say no, I miss my Tanya [Bardsley], because I love her to bits, I see her all the time, she’s still my bestie – the bond that will never break.

‘But with regards to the show in general and the rest of it, then I don’t miss it at all, no, I’m quite happy concentrating on the things that matter in life, which are my family and friends. Yeah, doing my charity work and giving back is so much more rewarding.’

We have to say we miss Leanne and maybe one day she might return even if it’s for one show.

Just Why Is Martin Hughes-Games Not On Springwatch This Year?

With the new series of Springwatch starting this week on BBC 2 fans of the how have noticed that someone is missing.

With Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Gillian Burke back hosting the show Martin Hughes-Games is missing but why is he not on the show.

It was last year when Martin announced that he will no longer be apart of the show as he stepped down as host and Steve Backshall will be taking over.

Martin took to his Twitter account and said:

“After 12 great years I have decided to leave the watches. “It’s good to go when the show is looking strong. MASSIVE thank you for yr support. [sic]”

Co-presenter Chris has been speaking about working with Martin for so many years and said:

“I am staying put. I’m going to miss Martin a lot.

“He’s an extraordinary man. He’s witty, he’s funny, he’s clever.”

“He knows a lot about wildlife. He’s extremely passionate and I will miss him.”

He really is missed and we have to say the show simply isn’t the same without him.

Josie Gibson Warns Love Island Girls To ‘Stay Away’ From Her Ex John James Who’s Appearing On The Show

Josie Gibson Warns Love Island Girls To 'Stay Away' From Her Ex  John James Who's Appearing On The Show

With the new series of Love Island starting next week the lineup of contestants who will be appearing on the show have been revealed and one of the men appearing is a familiar face.

Former Big Brother star John James is on the sho but it seems there has been drama surrounding him entering the villa.

John dated Josie Gibson after they meet in the house but now she has wanted the girls in the Love Island villa to ‘stay away’ from the hunkie DJ.

Josie said:

‘I’ve got a baby on the way, what were those inappropriate pictures meant to be of? My big fat baby bump? It’s not right for him to be lying and making out we were sexting,’

‘I know he’s half way across the world away but I’m in a relationship.’

Then talking about how John has been talking about her while he was promoting Love Island she said:

‘We were together like 100 years ago and I wasn’t even with him for that long!’

John has said that Josie was sending him Snapchat photos and apparently they were a bit naughty as he said to  Woman’s Day:

‘She was sending me Snapchats about a month ago and they’re the sort of pictures you wouldn’t want out there,

We can see him talking about Joise lots in the villa it’s going to be interesting.

Britain’s Got Talent Falls Off Air Due To ‘Issues’ Live During Final Shows

Tonight wasn’t the best of nights on Britain’s Got Talent as the show fell of the air after only been on for ten mins.

The talent show what is airing all this week until Saturday when the winner will be announced fell off the air and a message came up in the screen and then went to footage from the auditions of the show.

More news to come…..

Updated: 28th May 2018 — 7:54 PM

Just When Is Springwatch Back On TV?

The wait is over!

Yearly wildlife show Springwatch is back tonight on BBC 2 and we can’t wait to see what this years series unfolds.

From Polecats to Tadpoles the show is bound to have it all and no doubt Hosts Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Gillian Burke will be showing all the footage filmed with hundreds of cameras catching every moment what the british wildlife give us.

Springwatch is on BBC 2 tonight, nightly for the next three weeks

Coronation Street’s Simon To Be A Real-Life Father Aged 16 As His Girlfriend Is Pregnant

He plays Simon in Coronation Street but the actor behind the character Alex Bain is apparently is expecting his child with his girlfriend aged just 16.

Alex girlfriend Levi took to her Twitter account to share a photo of the baby scan and sources have said:

“Alex has been telling everyone he’s going to be a father.

“He isn’t keeping it a secret.

“It’s hard to tell if he’s happy about it or not but he’s definitely not ashamed of it.

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