Breaking News! Rodrigo Alves Has Been Removed From Celebrity Big Brother

News has just broken that just after the eviction on Friday night what saw Natalie Nun voted off Celebrity Big Brother the producers of the show decided to remove Rodrigo Alves.

Rodrigo who already had his first and final warning after he decides to use raciest words was told by Big Brother that he was on his final warning and one more step out of line would see him removed from the show.

Rodrigo has insisted that he decided to leave the show as he ‘could not take anymore’ but the producers have said that he has been removed.

Channel 5 have said:

 ‘After a further incident, Rodrigo has been removed from the Big Brother house and will not be returning.

But just hours after leaving the house Alves said to the Mail Online:

‘I demanded to leave. I was going to scale the wall if I wasn’t allowed to leave…

‘I didn’t like it. My co-stars were boring, dirty and had nothing in common with them.  I was claustrophobic. I had to get up early and stay up late. I didn’t understand why people were in there. Hardeep was snoring like a hog.’

We will have to wait and see the fallout on the show over the weekend.

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