Cardi B Want’s To Free Tiger King Joe Exotic!

He’s currently in prison for 22 years for two count’s of murder-to-hire and 17 wildlife-related charges but it seem’s Cardi B is not happy that Joe Exotic AKA Tiger King is in prison as she has decided to create a funding page to release for animal handler from prison.

Just over a week ago Netflix’s released Tiger King and it has been trending on Twitter ever since.

The seven part series tells the story about Joe and another animal enthusiast Carol Baskin who Joe has a massive hatred for.

I’m not going to spoil it too much for you.

Now Cardi has tweeted a number of tweets to her Twitter profile about the documentary and then her last tweet she announced that she want’s Joe free from prison.

Taking to her Twitter account over the weekend Cardi tweeted:

Bout to start a gofundme account for Joe .He shall be free.


In another tweet she shared:

Who you think is more wrong ? Narcissist joe ? Or Greedy Carol ? And why ?


They did Joe so dirty over and over again


Who you think burn Joe studio ?


She really did get into the Tiger King over the weekend didn’t she?

I have to say I’ve watched a few episodes and have been total gripped?

Have you watched any of the Tiger King let me know what you thought of it.

[Image’s Via: Cardi B Instagram and Instagram]

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