Dynamo Annouces He Has Tested Positive For COVID-19 During Online Video

Magician Dynamo has revealed he’s tested positive for COVID-19.

Dynamo told his followers the news in the online video (below) shared to his Instagram page where he confessed that he had paid privately to have the test to see if he had the awful bug and they came back and said that he had Coronavirus.

Dynamo said he paid for the test after he had been suffering from a ‘persistent cough and lots of aches and pains,’ along with his Crohn’s disease.

Dynamo revealed that he has been feeling ‘better and better every day’ and urged his followers to stay at home.

In the video Dynamo said into the camera:

‘Hey guys… over the last few weeks I’ve experienced symptoms such as persistent coughs and lots of aches and pains.

‘I self-isolated for just over two weeks and took the necessary precautions. I was advised to take a private test.

Dynamo then continued to say that he know’s for some people paying to have a private test is something they simply cant afford.

He continued:

 ‘Now I appreciate that this not a possibility for everyone, this decision was made by me and my team for a number of reasons, first because of my existing health issues and the fact I’m on immuno-suppressant therapy, I’m at high risk.

‘Secondly although I haven’t a fever, my symptoms have been quite severe. And finally so that I was able to inform those I’d been in contact with so they could take their own precautions,

‘I’ve had my results back and I have tested positive for COVID-19. This illness doesn’t discriminate and can present itself in many different ways. We’re all genuinely at risk.’

He’s so brave.

It’s so great that he is over the worse of this virus now and getting back on track.

Stay well Dynamo.


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hi guys, hope you’re all keeping safe and well. It’s been a bit of a rough couple of weeks so wanted to give you an update. As you know I’ve had some health issues over last few years and underlying conditions make this virus particularly dangerous and very real. I’m incredibly relieved to be over the worst of it but wanted to let you all know what’s been happening. Please take this virus seriously and remember that by staying home, you are protecting so many others.

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