Colchester Zoo May Be Forced To Close Permanently If Coronavirus Lockdown Continues

It’s been reported that if the coronavirus lockdown continues for many more months Colchester Zoo in Essex maybe forced to close for good.

The zoo what costs more than £25,000 a day to run has been closed for nearly two weeks now and with the coronavirus not seeing any sign of improvement a possible longer lockdown could see the zoo in a bad way.

Essex Live have reported that staff members have taken wage cuts and work a month for free to allow them to buy food for the beloved animals.

Lots of the staff who work in different areas of the zoo have been furloughed so the government are now paying their wages.

A spokesperson from the zoo has said:

“Whilst we had reserves in place, these were allocated to capital work to improve facilities for both the visitors and animals.

“We have a five-year building plan, therefore we have had to since the virus, consider the length of time we will be closed and how much it will cost us given there is no income.

“It costs over £25,000 per day to run the zoo so the plan for us now is to survive.”

They then continued to say that if the lockdown went on for many more months the zoo simply wouldn’t be able to survive:

“Financially we are using our own money at present, but it will not last forever,” the spokesperson added.

“We think that being able to re-open in July would be wonderful but this could go on until September or October – we could not last until then, so to survive we will need to approach banks to help us out.

“Animal food supply is not affected at the present time, however other supplies are disrupted at the moment and we expect more supplies will also become disrupted soon.”

This is absolutely heartbreaking and something need’s to happen to support this fantastic zoo.

If you would like to donate to Colchester Zoo below are the details on how you can do so are HERE.

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