Peter Andre Left Terrified Doctor Wife Emily Might Get Coronavirus

She’s doing a fantastic job working for the NHS but now Peter Andre has said that he is terrified that his wife Emily Andre might get coronavirus working on the front line.

Speaking recently to The Sun Peter said that he has been having “sleepless nights” over the worries that Emily might become unwell.

Emily is a doctor and since the pandemic broke out she has found herself on the front line while Peter has been looking after their children at home.

He said:

“Five out of seven of her family work in the NHS right now. I am so worried about the whole family – I worry about Emily’s mum and dad because they work right in the midst of this.

“I worry about my mum and dad because they’re in their late 80s and in Australia, in the high risk group. It’s really scary. It’s like a world war but without the violence of the war – it’s a war without the guns.”

He then continued to say:

“Of course I’ve had sleepless nights, of course I worry about Emily, I worry about the kids.

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