Selena Gomez Annouces She’s Been Diagnosed With Bipolar During Chat With Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez has been opening up during a chat with Miley Cyrus on Instagram live when she confessed that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar.

During the Bright Minded Instagram Live Gomez reveled that while she was at the McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital she got the diagnosis as she confessed:

“I went to one of the best mental hospitals… McLean Hospital and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar and so, when I go to know more information, it actually helps me. It doesn’t scare me once I know it and I think people get scared of that.”

Selena then admitted her struggles with anxiety and depression and this diagnosis came as a bit of a shock for Selena as she continued to say:

“I’ve seen it and I’ve seen some of it even in my own family where I’m like what’s going on? It’s not known to talk about your mental health. When I finally said what I was gonna say, I wanted to know everything about it and it took the fear away.”

We are glad that she got the diagnosis and now she can take measures to help herself.

Stay well Selena.

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