Channing Tatum & Jessie J Are OVER??


It’s looking like Jessie J and Channing Tatum have called it quits on their relationship.

The pair who have been dating since October 2018 had a break at the start of this year for a month then got back together but it’s looking like they just couldn’t work on their relationship to keep it alive.

A source has said:

“It was an amicable breakup,”

“They had tried again to make it work but realized they were better off as friends.”

Both Jessie and Channing have not spoke about their split what has been reported by many other news outlets.

It’s a shame as they seemed to be really good in February of this year as they both spend Valentines day together and also hanged out with Channing’s ex-wife Jenna Dewan‘s 6-year-old daughter, Everly Tatum.

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