Louis Theroux Admits He Found Tiger King Joe Exotic ‘Hard To Dislike’ As He Filmed Documentary In 2011

Louis Theroux has admitted that he found it ‘hard to dislike’ Tiger King star Joe Exotic when he filmed a documentary about him in 2011.

Louis flew out to Tampa, Florida in 2011 to film a documentary about people keeping wild animals as pets and that’s when Joe Exotic who’s real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage made his television debuted in the UK.

Louis also reveled that even back then all them years ago he was still going on about arch-rival Carole Baskin as Louis said that she ‘preoccupied him’.

Talking to The Sunday Times Louis said:

‘It was hard to dislike the man himself, maybe because he seemed neither to be hiding many of his misdeeds nor to take himself too seriously.’

‘Joe’s grudge against Carole preoccupied him when we filmed. He would rant about her, mentioning his belief that she’d had one of her husbands killed.’

Louis also said that he would have never predicted that Joe would be arrested for murder-to-hire

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