Robbie Williams Revels He’s Been Suffer Symptoms Of Coronavirus During Three Week Self-Isolation

Robbie Williams has admitted during a Instagram story that he has been suffering from symptoms of coronavirus.

Robbie who’s been in lockdown for three week’s away from his family said he contracted the symptoms while in lockdown despite not going out.

The singer confessed that he felt ‘lethargic, tired and heavy’ while holed up in an Airbnb down the road from his family’s mansion in Los Angeles.

His wife Ayda Field has been staying with their three children at their LA home while he has been down the road isolating by himself.

Recently Williams has said to The Sun:

‘I was in quarantine in an Airbnb down the road from my family and started worrying about food, about my medication running out, about Beau and my family, and was just very fearful for a couple of days.

‘Then I could feel my body was getting lethargic and tired and heavy and I convinced myself I’d got coronavirus.’

Robbie continued to say that his symptoms quickly disappeared, however he decided to do the right thing and kept his distance from his young family for three weeks before returning home.

He continued to say:

‘The mental struggle has been the hardest bit about isolation, making sure we don’t slip into our own dark holes.’

It must have been hard for him to be away from his family but it’s for the best and we really hope that he is feeling better soon.

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