Ruth Langsford Visits Her Mother Thought The Windows Everyday During Lockdown

So heartbreaking!

Ruth Langsford has reveled that she has been going to see her mother everyday during her daily walk to say hello thought the window as the isolation continues.

During the video what Ruth shared on her Instagram account on Saturday while she was on her walk she admitted that she had been for a walk down to see her mother who lives near her and Eamonn Holmes family home.

The This Morning presenter said:

‘Evening, decided to save my walk for the evenings. I’ve been busy around the house, cleaning and tidying and cooking, just keeping myself busy.’

She continued to say:

‘So I’ve just walked around to see my mum. When I say see her, I mean wave at her through the window which is better than nothing. She’s fine.

‘I’m just walking Maggie, beautiful evening, hope you’re all staying in and staying safe. Bye!’

So heartbreaking

Hopeful this will all be over soon and Ruth will be back with her lovely mum soon.

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