Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe Reveals Netflix Is Filming One More Episode Of Tiger King And It’s Due Out NEXT WEEK!!!

Wow massive news!

Tiger King star Jeff Lowe has reveled that apparently Netflix are filming one more episode of Tiger King and it’s due out next week.

The documentary series what has became a worldwide hit over the last couple of weeks and now Zoo owner Jeff has said that Netflix’s have been filming with him and his wife Lauren Dropla.

He said while sharing a special message to Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and his wife Kourtney:

‘Thank you for watching our show, Christie said you’re a big fan,’

You need a life. You just wasted seven hours on us!’

He then said the news what we all wanted to hear as he said:

Netflix is adding one more episode. It will be on next week’ and that he’ll resume filming for it tomorrow.

Wow this is massive news.

We have been soooo gripped over this the last couple of week’s so another episode is exactly what we need while we are in lockdown.

See what they had to say below.


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