Cardi B Has Lost 5lbs In Four Days After Suffering Stomach Illness Putting Her In Hospital

Cardi B has said that she has lost 5lbs in just four days after suffering a stomach illness what caused her to go into hospital.

The rapper said that everything she ate she would just throw it back up resulting in her weight loss.

Cardi was replying to a Twitter user who accused her of exploiting her celebrity status to get hospitalized amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Twitter user in question tweeted:

‘one thing that has been ticking me is that there’s a close friend of my aunt’s that has the coronavirus and she went to the hospital but they told her, to go home they can’t serve her. So she’s been stuck at home with the rest of her family without getting help.’

She went on to continued to say:

 ‘But then I go on social media and see Cardi B at the hospital because she “thinks” she has the virus and getting the help she needs. I know celebs have advantages, but this is someone’s life.’

And concluded:

‘You can allow a celeb (who, by the way can help with a few donations and help the hospital) who thinks they have the virus to enter the hospital, (She ended up not having it) than an individual who does have it. Okay. The world is a mess.’

Cardi then replied back to the tweets and said:

 ‘Ummmmmm I was literally throwing up everything I swallow and lost 5 pounds in 4days do to stomach issues. NOT CAUSE OF THE RONA.You can still go to the hospital for other problems you kno.’

It was only on last Thursday when Cardi B tweeted and then deleted with a picture of her hospital bed:

‘Honestly cause I been having some real bad stomach problems for four days I went to the ER last night and I’m feeling way better,’

‘Hopefully tomorrow I will feel no more pain,’ added Cardi, who shares her one-year-old daughter Kulture with her husband Offset of Migos fame.

We hope she feels better soon.

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