Emily Atack Admits She’s Had Some ‘Difficult Moments’ During Isolation And Feels ‘Lonely’

Emily Atack has already said that she been ‘feeling lonely’ and would ‘give anything to have a row with a husband right now’.

But now Emily has admitted that she has been having ‘difficult moments’ while self-isolating alone during the coronavirus pandemic.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly on Monday morning the beauty said that she has been getting glammed up for the supermarket makes her ‘feel better’.

When talking about doing lockdown by herself she said:

‘I’m a very strong person, there’s definitely been some difficult moments being on your own. I’m the least lonely person in the world, surrounded by family and friends in real life.

She continued to say:

‘It’s [the pandemic] so awful, we have to look at the positives in life. If we’ve got our health… it’s the most important thing in the world. Everything is so difficult, but if you have your health, friends and family, it’s good.’

We do Emily it’s very true.

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