Sophie Kasaei Shows Off Beautiful Curly Hair As She Goes Natural In Lockdown

She found fame on Geordie Shore in 2011 and ever since then Sophie Kasaei has always had hair extensions.

But now while we are in lockdown it seems like she is going to embrace her natural hair as she has showed off her curley hair in her new Instagram photo.

Sharing the selfie on Tuesday morning Sophie stuck her tongue out to the camera but all the focus was on her stunning hair.

Along with the photo she shared:

‘So yep this is the real me guys. Hair extensions out , make up off eyelashes gone obv I still have my brows on and aesthetics in place… my parents would be proud of me embracing my natural curls.

It was in 2017 when Sophie reveled that her hair extensions where making her go bald and was thinning her hair.
It so nice to see that she is going down the natural look.

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