Linda Lusardi Breaks Down In Tears During TV Appearance As She Speaks About Having Coronavirus

Wow this was so hard to watch.

Linda Lusardi has appeared on Good Morning Britain where she broke down in tears while taking about her coronavirus battle.

The model admitted that she thought she was going to die during her battle with the awful virus as she spoke during her first television interview since recovering.

Talking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Linda talked about her husband Sam and when he first contracted the virus as she said:

‘He was very very ill and I was looking after him, but I was sleeping in bed with him because we didn’t realise what he had actually got, and then I contracted it, and then he felt he was getting better and started looking after me.’

Linda then said that they where both suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea and had to call 111 and where simply told to self-isolate.

But when they both started to  suffering for breathlessness and chest pains her son Jack decided to call for an ambulance.

She continued to say:

 ‘Two lady ambulance drivers came did some tests and I’d got zero oxygen in my blood and tested Sam and said his was really bad as well, my poor son watched as we were marched out of the door with paramedics.’

She then continued to say on Good Morning Britain:

‘It absolutely horrendous, I thank god that I’m one of the lucky ones that came through it.

‘Sam and I were both in A and E at the beginning and we just looked at each other and thought ”are we gonna make it through this?”

‘I tested negative first of all and the Doctor came in and he washed his hands and I asked him am I gonna make it though this.

‘He said ”you’re 61 we don’t know what we’re dealing with.” I texted Sam and said can you come up and see me because I don’t know if I’m gonna make it through this.’

It must have been so so scary for them both.

So glad that they are not back to normal.

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