Love Island’s Anna Vakili Admits Felt ‘Quite Scared’ To Return To Pharmacy Job During Coronavirus Outbreak

She announced last week that she was returning to her previous job before Love Island.

But now Anna Vakili has confessed that she was ‘quite scared’ to return to her pre-fame job as she stepped in to help out in the coronavirus outbreak.

Anna admitted that she wasn’t planning on returning to her previous job but with the pandemic she ‘felt wrong not to’.

Talking to Grazia she said:

‘I was sitting at home, watching the news and I felt guilty knowing that I could help out in the NHS while I’m just sitting at home, influencing- I just wasn’t planning on going back so soon.

‘The thing is, I studied for so long [five years] to get my master’s in pharmacy. I’m not going to just let it go because of the TV show.’

It’s so good that she has returned to the pharmacy as we need people like her so much at the moment.

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