Phillip Schofield Talks About A Friend Who Is Suffering From Coronavirus

Television presenter Phillip Schofield has talked about his concern for a friend who is currently unwell with coronavirus.

Phillip was talking on This Morning on Wednesday morning when he confessed that he had been speaking to his friend and he said that he felt like he had been ‘run over by a truck.’

Phillip’s friend is still ‘coughing badly’ after fighting the deadly disease as this was during a segment about Chinese province of Wuhan, which has began to lift restrictions after 11 weeks in lockdown.

Phillip said to Dr Ron Daniels:

‘One of my best friends – he’s had it and had it quite bad and he is obviously compos mentis but coughing quite badly, feeling like he’d been run over by a truck. Bones aching, that sort of thing.’

This Morning aires weekdays at 10AM on ITV.

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