Tiger King Star Talks About Joe Exotic’s Obsession With Carole Baskin

A member of staff who worked at Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park where Netflix’s documentary Tiger King was filmed has spoke about how Joe Exotic was obsessed with Carole Baskin.

The zookeeper Kelci Saffery has said to PEOPLE:

‘Carole was the first thing on [Joe’s] mind every morning and the last thing on his mind every night

Apparently both Carole and Joe at least started out ‘standing up for what they believed was right,’ when it comes to animal rights.

Kelci has said:

‘I do think they started to focus more on Carole and Joe and less on the bigger picture,’

‘And nothing came out of it. It’s the worst kind of love story.’

Kelci was the keeper in the series who was attacked by a tiger and had her hand bitten off.

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