Paul O’Grady Struck Down With Coronavirus Dispite Self-Isolating For Week’s Due To Heart Problems

Paul O’Grady has been showing symptoms of COVID-19.

The television personality has been in self-isolation for a number of weeks now due to having to step down from is Radio 2 show due to heart problems.

Paul has not been tested for the coronavirus but he thinks he “most definitely” had it.

Talking during an interview with BBC London presenter Gaby Roslin, he said:

“I’m alright now. Last week I had flu like symptoms. I didn’t have the cough bad, I certainly didn’t have the temperature or anything like that so I just got on with it.

“That was when the heating had gone so it was minus two down here and freezing and I thought someone had got it in for me. I’m fine now.”

He then continued to say:

“Most definitely. That’s knocking about, but there’s also flus and seasonal colds going about so you’ve got to tell yourself and learn the difference.

“The coronavirus – you’d know if you caught that. I lay on the couch with the fire on and the dogs on top of me moaning. When you are lying on the couch dying or you think you are. It was sheer exhaustion like Chris Evans had too.”


We are so glad that he is feeling better now.

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