Rihanna Slams Selfish Fans Who Want A New Album As Her Father Is Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Rihanna has hit out at fans who have been pestering her for a new album while her father has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The singer warned fans to back off from wanting new music from her while she is going though a very sensitive time.

It was only last week that Rihanna announced that she had brought her father a ventilator and sent it to her fathers house just after he felt ill.

Rihanna has been teasing the arrival of her new album dubbed R9 since 2018 but nothing has been released since but it really seems like it wont be long until the coronavirus has struck.

She has also blasted US president Donald Trump for his lack of common sense during the coronavirus pandemic and it seems like Riri is taking under her wing to put the world to rights.

During an Instagram live Rihanna said:

“If one of you asks me about the alum one more time when I’m trying to save the world, unlike y’all president”

The last album Rihanna released was in 2016 when he released ANTI.

We really hope that her father is better soon.

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