Susanna Reid Admits She Thought About Shaving Her Hair Off During Two Seeks Self-Isolation

With the Coronavirus lockdown so many people have been shaving their heads and sharing the snaps online.

Well now Susanna Reid has confessed that she was thinking about shaving all her hair off while she was in two week self-isolation.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was telling her co-host Piers Morgan:

‘A lot of people are shaving off all of their hair. I’m tempted to do that because frankly it’s a pain keeping up the barnet.

Piers then replied back to Reid:
‘You as GI Jane…I would travel continents, if I was able to, to see you as GI Jane.’
‘I think you’d look hot bald’ which an unimpressed Susanna quickly changed the subject.
Susanna said this after Piers shared a photo on Monday of his wife Celia Walden cutting his hair at home.

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