Coronation Street Bosses Will NOT Cover The Coronavirus Outbreak On Screen

It’s been said on Wednesday that Coronation Street bosses are not planning on including the virus into the soap when they get back to filming.

Like all the soaps at the moment they have stopped production and no filming has ben done for nearly a month now but it seems like none of the charters will get the virus on the cobbles.

The bosses feel that fearing it would be considered out of date when the episodes eventually air bearing in mind that they film six to eight weeks in advance.

A source has told The Sun:

‘They were finishing scenes that had already been written, so there are no references to social distancing and the like.

‘As the episodes won’t air until the summer they wouldn’t have known – and still don’t know now – what the situation is going to be by then.

‘Once production begins again then the writers can decide how to reference the pandemic – hopefully in the past tense.’

Do you think Corrie should include Coronavirus storylines?

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