Tiger King’s Star Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage Vows To Stand By His Side Until Relesed From Prison In 22 YEARS!

He’s going to stand by him.

Joe Exotic’s third husband Dillon Passage has vowed to stick by his ‘romantic and charismatic’ partner during his 22-year prison sentence.

Talking on ITV’s This Morning Tiger King star Dillon sad down via video link to chat to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on Wednesday.

Eamonn asked Dillon about how Joe feels that President Trump said he would ‘look’ at pardoning his prison sentence.

Dillon said:

 ‘It’s a big deal to have the president address something like that, Joe is a really big Trump supporter so he was really excited to see what could happen.’

When talking about staying by Joe’s side Passage said:

‘I’m going to stay by Joe’s side, he stood by me, it would show lack of character not to, he doesn’t deserve to be in there [prison] that long.’

We have to say it will be interesting if President Trump does look into the case but do you think that he should be out of prison?

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