Beverley Callard Admits Coronation Street Bosses Are Worried About Running Out Of Episodes During Coronavirus Pandemic

Filming on all soaps has been completely stopped during the coronavirus pandemic.

With many of the sops limiting the number of episodes shown a week it’s looking like Coronation Street bosses are now worrying about running out.

Star of Corrie Beverley Callard has admitted that soap’s producers and writers are fearful that their reserved set of episodes could be used up before restrictions are lifted.

Beverley who plays Liz McDonald and co-star who pays Fiz Brown talked on BBC Radio 5 Live when they admitted the problem.

Jennie said:

‘I keep putting it on at half eight, but then I think, “Oh no, Corrie’s not on”.

‘They’ve limited our Corrie output now, so there’s only three on instead of six.’

She continued:

‘I know people might be missing those three episodes but at least it means we’ve got a bit more time.

‘I know our bosses are working really hard every day assessing the situation.’

Beverly then said:

‘And they’re panicking like mad aren’t they? But, of course, you can’t not.’

‘Even if it does come to an end and we run out of episodes, the writers will be going mad, they’ll be excited to create new storylines and everything.

‘Because we’ve got a massive team of writers, so they’ll keep it going.’

Will be a massive shame if it goes of the air due to running out of episodes but maybe they will have to repeat some old episodes like some of the quiz shows are doing.

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